Summer Field Studies 2023 Trip

Summer Field Study is a class offered within the curriculum of Roncalli High School. The program is one part academics, one part adventure, and one part retreat. Students hike, climb, camp, cook, swim, raft, backpack, play, and pray in a uniquely challenging program that teaches students to respect themselves, to become leaders, and to work to achieve their dreams. Most importantly, students learn to read from the Book of Creation that God has given us to make known His grandeur, wisdom, and love for each of us. Over 3,000 students have participated over the past 40 years.


BaseCamp - San Juan National Forest Located in Southwestern Colorado, this spectacular snow-packed mountain range is home to an abundance of wildlife, majestic waterfalls, and glaciated peaks. At the heart of the area is Mount Wilson. At 14,246 feet, it stands as the highest peak in the San Miguel Range.

Noah's Ark - Every student will have the opportunity to complete a whitewater rafting trip with Noah’s Ark during the trip. Noah’s Ark is located just outside Buena Vista, Co and at the north end of the Arkansas River. While on the river the students will not only be exhilarated with the rapids they encounter but also will get to take in the grandeur of Brown's Canyon.

Ouray Springs - Every student will visit the “Switzerland of America”, Ouray Colorado and have the opportunity to soak in the natural springs of the area.

Student Choice: - Each student will have the opportunity to personalize their Summer Field Studies experience by choosing from one of the following auxiliary adventures:

Grand Canyon - Students will have the opportunity to stay at and hike portions of the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Students choosing this adventure will view the Grand Canyon from the less populated North Rim with the opportunity to hike both the rim and down into the Canyon itself.

Mountaineering - Students who choose this adventure will climb Mt. Sherman and an additional 14,000 ft plus mountain in the greater Leadville, Co area. During this time students will climb above the treeline, across snow fields, and through boulder fields to reach the summits.

Dates - JUNE 11 - 24, 2023

Tuition - $1,900 – The tuition covers all transportation, food costs, backpacks, sleeping pads, camping and park admission fees, rafting fees, laundry, showers, and lodging expenses. Students provide their own sleeping bag, daypack, and tent.

Trip Add Ons: -
Rock Climbing: $100.00 (Any student choosing to Mountaineer (24 max Climbers) must complete Rock Climbing) - Due May 5, 2023

Payment Schedule -
November 23, 2022 - Preliminary Deposit Due - $300.00 - Check made out to Roncalli High School - Please put student name and SFS on the memo line. (Fully refundable until March 10, 2023)
March 10, 2023 - Confirmation Deposit Due - $700.00 - Check made out to Roncalli High - Please put student name and SFS on the memo line.
May 10, 2023 - Final Balance Due - $900.00 - Check made out to Roncalli High - Please put student name and SFS on the memo line.