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Rock Climbing

Exposure on bare rock, with nothing holding but a rope and some carabiners, is a rush of excitement, and students are given the opportunity to rock climb out in Colorado. This introductory experience into the world of rock climbing will teach students the fundamentals of rock climbing and will build a foundation that will prepare them for future climbing adventures.

There is an extra charge to participate in this portion of the program, depending on the option chosen, to cover the cost of top quality equipment (a necessity for safety) and extra travel to the climbing areas. All students participating in this portion of the program MUST attend one classroom training session (dates TBA) and one field session (dates TBA) before climbing out west.


This program is designed to give students a look at the basics of rockclimbing. The time commitment is one evening of classroom instruction that lasts about four hours and then one day practicing the skills during a field training session somewhere in the Midwest. Basics in belaying, rappelling, and climbing will be emphasized.
Cost - $100.00

This program includes all of the elements of Introductory Rock plus an additional opportunity to climb the granite rock formations of Montana. The climbing will be challenging but easy enough to apply all of the skills previously learned while enjoying the beauty of the mountain surroundings.
Cost - $175.00

This is an all-out commitment to get an in-depth look at the sport of rockclimbing and the sport of mountaineering. This option includes all of the elements of Introductory Rock and the Rockclimbing Sampler plus a mountain ascent.
Cost - $250.00

Some photos from last year!