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Backcountry Camping

Throughout most of the trip, we will be spending the night at base camp, surrounded by many ammenities such as restrooms, gas grills, vehicles for transportation, and proximity to some general stores. While this is considered "remote" for most people, on Summer Field Studies, it gets even more remote when you travel into the backcountry.

All students will go with a group of 10-20 people to various locations throughout the park. Students will pack their back packs, load up their tents, sleeping bags, and food, and travel with staff members into the mountains, and go deeper into the wilderness than ever before. Relaxing with friends in the mountains, students will have 3 days and 2 nights to enjoy the backcountry, cooking meals on portable stoves, building forts and wandering in streams, playing cards, and just enjoying things that you can't quite do in a cornfield in Indiana.